Tripp St. Kicks Down The Door With Debut Album, ‘Welcome To Tripp St.’

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One of the most exciting projects in bass music right now, Tripp St., has just released their debut album, Welcome To Tripp St.. The mysterious, new artist wasted no time with this one, as their first ever official release was just a month ago. Few have had such an entrance by Tripp St., and it’s clear why. The music speaks for itself.

Tripp St.’s debut weighs in at 11 tracks, and there isn’t a single skippable cut on the whole thing. We’re loving this incredibly tasteful sound. It’s a perfect balance: dreamy vibes with the right amount of bite, with willingness to venture further in either direction. Get your ears on this project immediately so you get what we’re talking about.

Welcome To Tripp St. just dropped today on CloZee’s brand new label, Odyzey Music. We’re expecting to hear some more talented artists to be releasing music there soon.

You can stream the full Tripp St. album below. Enjoy!

Tripp St. – Welcome To Tripp St.