TroyBoi Unleashes Highly Anticipated ID “Never Felt This Way”


In the midst of this hot and heavy festival season, acclaimed producer and artist TroyBoi has been hitting the stage to test out his new ID’s in front of thousands of eager fans. The producer’s last single, a reggae style track entitled “Gyal,” has left fans craving more from the dynamic artist. So, when his newest track “Never Felt This Way” started popping off with the festival crowds, he knew it was time for a release.

TroyBoi isn’t holding anything back on this dramatic, trap-inspired track. “Never Felt This Way” begins with a dynamic, orchestral intro, as the listener is soon greeted by an eclectic piano riff to set the mood. Distorted vocals and a saturated bass line follow to send the track into a dub-esque trance. TroyBoi’s classic trap hats of course make their appearance as the driving force in the production, accompanying the producer’s massive drops and intimate interludes.

If just one new single isn’t quite enough for you, rest assured. In a recent tweet announcing the release of “Never Felt This Way,” TroyBoi slyly commented “A little appetizer before the main course arrives…” So, set your notifications and keep your eyes peeled for more releases. In the meantime, if you want to see this track go down live, make sure to secure your tickets to one of his many upcoming tour dates here.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

TroyBoi – Never Felt This Way