TSHA Explores The Many Sounds of Dance Music on Debut LP ‘Capricorn Sun’

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London’s own TSHA has proven to be one of the immutable up-and-comers in dance music in 2022. We’ve been enraptured since first hearing her track, “Power,” last year. Today, our TSHA stanning reaches new heights as the UK talent releases her debut EP, Capricorn Sun.

If you’re new to TSHA sound, you picked a great time to join. This project sees the headliner embody the term, “sonic explorer,” as she traverses a myriad of sounds under the umbrella of dance music. House, breakbeat, big beat, progressive house, indie dance, and garage all coalesce in twelve tracks of euphoric sensation that simply will not be denied. 

We’ve been excitedly following this album rollout for the past four months and the final product delivered in spades. We love tracking a rising star at TSIS and TSHA is rising straight through the stratosphere. Stream here debut album, Capricorn Sun, below. Enjoy!

TSHA – Capricorn Sun