TSHA’s ‘OnlyL’ EP Is A Confident, Genre-Defying Display Of Production Talent

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TSHA is rapidly emerging as one of the most exciting talents coming out of the UK. We’ve been obsessing over every release she’s put out recently and were thrilled to feature her hit single, “Power,” a few weeks ago. The rising producer has just released her newest EP, OnlyL, out now on Ninja Tune.

The EP is a confident showcase of TSHA’s impressive production capabilities. It’s a perfect marriage of live musicianship and electronics that takes in the genre-defying, classy electronic pop of its title track alongside the melancholic downtempo of “I Know” and the exhilarating and dancefloor-primed “Power.”

TSHA’s music is a beautiful testament to sophisticated electronic music and the positivity it provides to those who listen. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

TSHA – OnlyL