[TSIS PREMIERE] Party Thieves and QUIX Push Trap To New Boundaries With “House Party” [Free Download]

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Today we have an exciting new track from two new faces to TSIS, New York based Party Thieves and New Zealand producer QUIX. The last Party Thieves single "Chief" has been supported by everyone from Skrillex to Diplo and sets the tone for what to expect today. 

"House Party" is a no bearing held back certified trap anthem. Featuring some eerie textured plucks, massive 808's, steel drums and even frog croaks and rooster calls for good measure. The song should give any sound system a proper workout ranging from your computer speakers or the largest of festivals. We are excited to bring you the premiere of this track and are happy to provide an exclusive free download for our readers. Enjoy

Party Thieves & QUIX – House Party | Free Download