Two Fingers (Amon Tobin) Drops Next Level Bass Album, ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’

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Amon Tobin‘s darker, grittier, heavier alter-ego, Two Fingers, has just released his first full-length project in eight years. It’s a new studio album called Fight! Fight! Fight!, and it’s bursted through the mold of your average bass music release.

Everything on this album is innovative and fresh. Sounds we’ve never heard before, filthy rhythms, and topsy-turvy composition put Two Fingers far ahead of the pack. We have no idea what’s awaiting for us behind each door of this project. Each track is portal into a different dimension.

Two Fingers tapped some of bass music’s brightest for a few collabs on this project, including G JonesLittle Snake, and Ivy Lab.

Check out the full album from Two Fingers below. Enjoy!

Two Fingers – Fight! Fight! Fight!