TWO LANES Releases Enchanting New ‘Innervision’ EP


Berlin-based brothers Leo and Rafa, professionally known as TWO LANES, have amassed a cult following over the years for their minimalistic beats and serene piano beds. Having just released singles “Mind” and “Abstraction,” the duo completes their sonic vision with two new tracks, combining to create the Innervision EP.

Each track capturing its own distinct energy, the Innervision EP still feels like a cohesive, dynamic piece of work. Aiming for the listener to feel a sense of peace, TWO LANES opts for low-tempo, tranquil soundscapes. A deep, four-on-the-floor kick guides every track forward, with the exception of a syncopated beat within introductory track, “Abstraction.”

TWO LANES shared their thoughts on the release:

our ‘innervision’ ep is out now. four tracks, each reflecting a specific creative vision we had in mind. we played all of these tracks during our last tour. performing this music has been an essential part of creating this ep. going back to the studio after each show to rework the tracks until they felt complete has helped us building a bridge between our inner world and you.

You can stream Innervision at the link below. Enjoy!

TWO LANES – Innervision