Tycho Announces He’s Working on an NFT Drop

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It seems like everyday we hear about a new exciting announcement coming from the NFT frontier. Artists of all kinds are taking advantage of this revolutionary crypto-art explosion.

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Scott Hansen, aka Tycho in the music world (or ISO50 in the art world), has recently posted to his Twitter page that he plans to jump in on the fun. Since the beginning, he’s always been blending the lines between music and visual art by crafting not only genre-defying music but the visual aspects as well, from album covers, concert posters to live stage visuals. It only seems fitting that his hybrid of an artist is ready to utilize the NFT space for his own projects.

Here’s what Tycho had to say about it:

As a visual artist and musician it’s been incredibly fascinating to watch the NFT space evolve. So many new avenues for expression and connection for both artists and fans. Tycho has always been an audio visual project so it’s refreshing to find a space that elevates… pic.twitter.com/efIIskj0GT

— TYCHO (@ISO50) March 10, 2021

…the imagery into the same conversation as the sound. I feel so fortunate that such a passionate and supportive community has grown up around Tycho so I’m beyond excited to see what we can create here together🙏 See you soon @niftygateway @moonlightNFT

— TYCHO (@ISO50) March 10, 2021

We couldn’t be more excited to see what Tycho has in store for us and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with his first release.