Tycho Announces New Album and Tour, Releases Captivating Single “Phantom”

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It brings a big smile to our faces to see brand new Tycho in 2024. The brainchild of Scott Hansen, supported by the live instrumentation from his band, the Tycho project has always captivated our attention with its masterful production and loads of ear candy. Kicking off the INFINITE HEALTH album and tour announcement, Scott shares his first new single of the year, “Phantom.”

Co-produced with Tycho guitarist Zac Brown and Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, “Phantom” begins with a suspenseful introduction, as ambient synths and phased-out fills float around the mix. Once the four-on-the-floor groove is introduced, we are met with signature Tycho-stylized guitars and analog synth nuggets. The mix on “Phantom” is extremely engaging, and clearly carefully arranged to fully immerse the listener.

Scott shared his vision behind “Phantom,” commenting:

I wanted ‘Phantom’ to feel like a blend of lights in a nightclub with some unknown entity; a moving and shifting intelligence that served as a conduit to a deeper understanding of what’s beneath the surface of existence. It’s also about coming to terms with mortality, with the phantom being the ever-present specter. I spent more hours on this song than any other on the record. I played a Juno emulation for that bassline, and I feel like that bassline, and style of bass playing, is something pretty new for me.

You can stream “Phantom” at the link below, out everywhere via Mom + Pop. Enjoy!

Tycho – Phantom