Poolside Deliver Funky Chill House Remix Of Tycho’s “Horizon” With Added Vocals

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The TSIS camp is always excited when Tycho unveils new content. Today, Tycho released a Poolside remix of their 2016 album cut “Horizon”. Needless to say… we’re stoked. The indie house duo that is Poolside was featured on the site just last week with the Falcon Punch remix of their song “Feel Alright”. Now they are back, except roles reversed as they are doing the remixing. 

Tycho’s original rendition of “Horizon” was already a summer-ready tune involving their signature atmospheric pads, whirling synths and complementary guitar riffs. The Poolside rework gives the song a groove filled facelift with an additional vocal accompaniment. This is not the first time Tycho has re-released a song with a newly added vocal accompaniment, as last year they dropped an updated version of “See” that featured a vocal melody from Beacon. Whenever an artist is able to provide a vocal pairing to a Tycho track that does the original justice, you know the result is going to be something special. And this Poolside remix of “Horzion” is supporting evidence. Enjoy!

Tycho – Horizon (Poolside Remix)