Tyler, The Creator Keeps Insane Music Output Going With Two New Songs “TIPTOE” & “QUARTZ”

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Tyler, The Creator is putting out music at a rate we’ve never seen from him before, and we’re by no means complaining. With a crazy string of loose singles, he shows no signs of slowing down and just put out not one, but TWO new tracks. The first titled “TIPTOE” hears Tyler going over Playboi Carti’s “RIP” and the second “QUARTZ” featuring former Odd Future affiliate Syd’s vocals for a chilled out song.

Tyler is currently uploading songs more frequently that actual “YouTubers” and we really hope he keeps them coming. This is quickly following up his recent collab with A$AP Rocky on “POTATO SALAD” that’s one of the most fun, and best releases we’ve heard from either in a minute. Enjoy! 

Tyler, The Creator – TIPTOE

Tyler, The Creator – QUARTZ