Ultra Music Festival Is Leaving Miami


Ultra Music Festival is finding a new home. The festival’s organizers have put out a statement following a survey that says “After listening to feedback from many of you (including over 20,000 fans who took our post-event survey), it is clear that the festival experience on Virginia Key was simply not good enough.”

Ultra has terminated their license with the city of Miami and is finding a new location in South Florida. It’s yet to be announced where the new location will be, but it seems like they’ve landed on a new location. “We have been approached by many interested parties over the years with offers to host the festival at some very unique and impressive locales,” the organizers said. “One of these, however, has shined far above the others, and we look forward to making our home there for many years to come.”

In the past, Ultra was located in Bayfront Park but moved to Virginia Key this year where they encountered various difficulties. Miami seemed like a perfect home to Ultra due to the club scene there but finding a new location further away from the downtown area might prove to be an upgrade for the festival. Stay tuned for more info on this and enjoy!