Unreleased Live Clip of Mac Miller & Madlib Track Surfaces

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The stans may already know this already, but Mac Miller and Madlib collaborations fully exist. There are a handful of unreleased snippets floating around YouTube. Recently, thanks to Reddit user u/kebabkebabb, a clip of Madlib playing out one of these Maclib tracks back in 2017 has surfaced on the internet. And this is one we’ve never heard before.

The show in reference is from a Madlib performance that took place in Norway, over five years ago. Madlib is known for his legendary production credits, but can also throw one hell of a DJ set. This song was mixed in during the set and the crowd went mad for it. For those who loved Mac Miller’s Faces mixtape (which recently arrived on streaming services), this is right up your alley.

According to a post from 2019 from his manager, Egon, Mac Miller would occasionally receive new Madlib beats, write to them, and send them back. Mac then suggested that they put out a body of work together. According to Madlib’s website, Rappcats, there are no plans to officially release any body of work with Mac Miller. Here’s hoping that changes at some point.

You can check out the clip of the unreleased Mac Miller and Madlib track below. Enjoy!