Trap Legend UZ Releases Genre Blending Final Album ‘Trinity’


Prolific producer UZ has dropped his final album, at least under this moniker. On Trinity, UZ beautifully blends trap rhythms, electronic melodies, and grime and hip hop elements for something totally unique. The album takes a measured approach at 15 tracks long, with UZ’s syncopated rhythms allowing each unique track to breathe.

The prolific producer explained his motivation and vision behind the Trinity project:

As you may already know I have been producing music under 3 different aliases during the past 20 years but those 3 different personas never really crossed paths. Plezier is my strictly melody driven UK house project, DJ Troubl is a technical Turntablist and UZ is the masked underground Trap producer. Why not mix them all? Well that’s what’s happened on Trinity. Trinity is the perfect concept for this record because of all its different meanings: 3rd album, 3 aliases influenced by 3 cities where I’ve lived which is associated with each alias (Paris / London / Los Angeles). It represents the Past / Present / Future of my career not only as UZ but as a whole artist.

Trinity strikes a nice balance between UZ’s dark and ominous trap style and some really dynamic and uplifting electronic elements, this duality is perfectly exemplified in “Contrast,” with its trickling synths that translate into a huge trap drop.

On the hip hop side, some of the stand out tracks include “I Can,” which features booming sub bass and a nice verse from rapper Twnty8, a collaboration with quickly rising producer Holly and rapper $K for the club ready “Rockstar,” and “Suffering Suckatash” with young UK grime star Snowy.

The album wraps up with the ethereal “Trinity,” a beautiful soundscape of pulsing bass, soaring electronic melodies, and heavenly vocals that leave a lasting imprint for the album.

Check out this eclectic and polished album in the stream below. Enjoy!