Valentino Khan Draws Inspiration From A Forgotten Era Of Dance Music On ‘French Fried’ EP

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Valentino Khan’s new EP draws inspiration from a unique era of dance music. The “blog-house” movement arose in the 2000’s, sparked by the accessibility of electronic music and the intersection of pop, punk, and electro music, and fueled by newfound blogs like HypeMachine that promoted the music. The French Fried EP pays homage to the role that French house and electronica played in this movement, and how those artists influenced Valentino’s music.

We’ve heard this heavily distorted style of electro house from Valentino before, but this EP takes the sound to new heights, and conversely, to some deep, dark lows. After kicking it off with the thumping energizer “Blackmail,” VK gets spooky with “Deathproof,” and “Division,” tracks that blur the lines between electro house and bass music, varying tempos along the way. These tracks are seriously heavy, with sinister bass sounds and raw, punchy percussion.

The EP wraps up with the really fun track “everybodysgonnawannadancewithme,” which fully embraces the quirkiness and unbridled energy of the blog-house movement.

We love how Valentino constantly pushes the boundaries of music, melding unique influences and sounds with his relentless productions. Check out the new EP that comes via Mad Decent below. Enjoy!

Valentino Khan – French Fried EP