Vanic Delivers Bright Energetic Remix Of Zella Day’s Impressive “Wonderwall” Cover

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Vanic and Zella Day’s styles have meshed together effortlessly for years, evidenced by Vanic’s successful remixes of Zella Day’s tracks “Hypnotic,” “High,” and “Compass.” Today Vanic has delivered another high-energy rework for Zella Day, this time putting the treatment to her cover of the Oasis classic, “Wonderwall.” Vanic brings his bouncy electronic sound to this latest track, perfectly incorporating vocals from Zella Day.

Vanic sets the stage with echoing, plucking synths, pattering hi-hats, and acoustic guitar. He brings the energy up as Zella Day sings the legendary chorus from “Wonderwall,” and he drops the track with nostalgic, feel-good vibes. A twangy lead synth bounces up and down ahead of distant plucks and gentle chords. Vanic comes back full-force with blasting synth chords and a chill piano outro, continuing to incorporate Zella Day’s beautiful vocals along the way. See tour dates below and enjoy!

Vanic – Wonderwall (Ft. Zella Day)

Tour Dates (tickets here)

January 12 – Toronto, ON
January 13 – Waterloo, ON
January 19 – Montreal, QC
January 20 – Ottawa, ON
January 27 – Thunder Bay, ON
February 2 – Calgary, AB
February 3 – Edmonton, AB
*February 9 – Kelowna, BC
February 10 – Whistler, BC
February 11 – Victoria, BC
February 15 – Winnipeg, MB
February 17 – Saskatoon, SK
February 18 – Grand Prairie, AB
February 24 – Vancouver, BC