Verzache Crafts Must Hear, Infectious Single “Feeling That Feel” + Interview

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Zach Farache, aka Verzache, is too slept on. He’s just unleashed a vibey new song “Feeling That Feel” that we’re already loving.  The rising young talent has a distinct sound I’ve been a huge fan of for a minute and he just keeps getting better. He delivered an incredible album Thought Pool last fall and has continued to dial things in with a few loose singles this year showing off his production, singing and songwriting abilities.

Today, Verzache dropped yet another track I’m expecting will be on repeat for the foreseeable future. This follows up songs like “January” and “Cable” that shows off his polished yet playful sound. There’s few artists that are able to tie together the level of production, vocals and songwriting that Verzache has achieved at a young age. “Feeling That Feel” has bright melodies, booming 808s and a topline that’ll find a way back in your head hours or days after listening.

While his music is absolutely on point, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and tends to be a bit of a troll in the best way. We got a chance to catch up with him in an interview below so be sure to check that out. Stay tuned for more from him and enjoy!

Verzache – Feeling That Feel

Who and what is a Verzache?
Verzache is a 15 year old magician.  His main talent: sorcery.

You have an interesting blend of sounds across your different songs. What is your musical background?
My musical background primarily comes from playing the guitar as a small child in Toronto.  From there is developed and I started producing and getting inspirations from artists such as Yung Lean, Mr. Carmak, Bon Iver and others.  Since I started releasing music, I have gone several different directions sonically.

Where are you making this music from? And do you feel that has an effect on your sound?
I make music from my lair aka my basement aka the sewers of Toronto.  Tons of vibes. Tons.

What’s the most exciting thing right now for Verzache?
Tuesday night bingo night with granda every week.  Poor elderly ladies, I keep winning mwahaha.

What can fans look forward to next?
I might be releasing my first music video soon, but what if i didn’t? LOL.

If you could live the life of any vegetable for a day, what vegetable would you transfer your consciousness into and why?
I live everyday as a vegetable. I am a can of beans. 

If you successfully break into area 51 this weekend and could only play one song for the aliens what would you choose?
Electric Zoo by Spongebob … but the 10 hour loop version.  Listen here.