Verzache Delivers Must Hear Sophomore Album, ‘My Head Is A Mosh Pit’

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Verzache is undoubtedly one of our favorite new artists right now. His specific flavor of bedroom pop is irresistible, blowing us away with each single he’s been dropping lately. We were thrilled to hear that those singles would eventually lead up to a new album, and today, My Head Is A Mosh Pit officially lands.

This is Verzache’s second studio album, and while Thought Pool was a fine project, My Head Is A Mosh Pit truly certifies his forthcoming stardom. Every one of these tracks is a catchy, sentimental ballad. Each one has the potential find it’s way to the radio airwaves, but they’re also pieces of a genuine, relatable, and heartfelt story.

Go ahead and hit play on this project and be swooned by the work of one of pop’s finest. You can stream Verzache’s sophomore album below. Enjoy!

Verzache – My Head Is A Mosh Pit