Vic Mensa – Roll My Weed : Very Chill Surprise Single

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We get yet another new track from red hot Vic Mensa, who has kept his stream of music constant since teaming up with Jay Z as a apart of Roc Nation. He's already delivered some hits in "U Mad" alongside Kanye West, and "No Chill" with Skrillex, and now he switches the vibe up with this new one called “Roll My Weed.” Vic raps over a fun instrumental characterized by guitar strums and a fluttering bassline as he offers slick falsetto singing on the chorus for a stoner’s anthem about rolling weed & getting high, and then continues to go in with his always clever lyrics on the verses showing off his versatility. Enjoy the stream of this track while we await more info on Vic’s debut album Trafffic, which is hopefully coming soon. 

Vic Mensa – Roll My Weed