Watch Vintage Culture Perform Jaw-Dropping Cercle Set at Waterfront Science Museum in Rio de Janeiro

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Cercle, our favorite music channel, is back to throwing live-streamed parties with actual crowds. For most of the pandemic, they were forced to deliver their content without them. In spectacular fashion, they’ve returned with the likes of BLOND:ISH, Above & Beyond, and most recently, Brazilian superstar DJ, Vintage Culture.

Invited by Cercle to play at the magnificent Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro, Vintage Culture played an energetic set to hundreds during a beautiful sunset. The set was comprised of very energetic house and techno, and the vibes were kept high throughout the full 90 minutes.

The architecture of Museu do Amanhã, the waterfront placement, and the amazing drone shots of the city make this one of our favorite Cercle locations in a while. But what really makes this one special is how great the crowd was. That energy is infectious.

You can check out the full video of the performance right here, below. Enjoy!

Vintage Culture live @ Museu do Amanhã