Viral Producer veggi Harvests a Bounty of Groovy Tunes on ‘PRODUCE’ EP

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You may have encountered veggi on social media as the California-based producer has gone viral countless times for his innovative mashups. But he also makes his own music, and his first-ever EP is finally here. The aptly named PRODUCE showcases his penchant for creating groovy music.

veggi immediately sets the mood on “THRU THE MOTIONS,” a sleek, upbeat instrumental song. As the EP progresses, veggi’s knack for catchy pockets is obvious, from the bass guitar riffs on “GROOVE,” to the neon synths on “TASTE.” The standout of the EP, though is “LOVE,” a shiny, disco-infused dance track.

veggi also recruits an abundance of artists to lend features. As the EP unfolds, we hear dynamic verses from Rome Castille, smooth bars from Pell, and silky vocals from KALLITECHNIS and Bipolar Sunshine.

Here’s what veggi had to say about the EP:

The name of my project ‘PRODUCE’ serves as a double entendre. One interpretation could be in relation to the agricultural products that are associated with my artist name veggi. The other interpretation is that this project is a culmination of my current sound as a music PRODUCER.

You can listen to Produce below, enjoy!

veggi – PRODUCE EP