It Looks Like Porter Robinson Just Cryptically Announced A Virtual Self Tour


This could be huge. It’s been eight months since Porter Robinson launched his new Virtual Self alias with his self-titled Virtual Self EP and published his cryptic website, but some new activity on the site’s separate forum may have just hinted at a Virtual Self tour.

Although Porter has made quite a few festival appearances as Virtual Self so far this year, we’ve been left wondering what the future of the side-project might look like – but today we may have just received a major hint. Yesterday (July 9), Virtual Self tweeted a pic of the homepage for As this seemed a bit suspicious, fans began to flood the site only to find that it had been recently updated with what appeared to be GPS coordinates now present throughout the forum. Upon further inspection, reddit user agentfancy found that each coordinate corresponds to a specific venue across North America. While we're still waiting for more information surrounding the coordinates, it seems more than likely that Porter would go to such lengths to announce a tour. See the coordinates below and enjoy!

virtual self coordinate 1

53.541646, -113.486224 – Shaw Conference Centre | Alberta, Edmonton (Canada)

virtual self coordinate 2

30.2395789, -97.7280066 – Emo's Austin | Austin, Texas

virtual self coordinate 3

42.870189, -78.871946 – Buffalo RiverWorks | Buffalo, New York

virtual self coordinate 4

41.969415, -87.658009 – Aragon Ballroom | Chicago, Illinois

virtual self coordinate 5

32.782237, -96.783862 – The Bomb Factory | Dallas, Texas

virtual self coordinate 6

42.487311, -83.147435 – Royal Oak Music Theatre | Detroit, Michigan

virtual self coordinate 7

44.975182, -93.263561 – The Armory | Minneapolis, Minnesota

virtual self coordinate 8

45.495393, -73.55741745 – New City Gas | Montreal, Québec (Canada)

virtual self coordinate 9

40.795805, -73.922635 – Electric Zoo (Randall's Island Park) | New York City, New York

virtual self coordinate 10

40.767703, -111.906626 – The Complex | Salt Lake City, Utah

virtual self coordinate 11

47.593337, -122.332286 – WaMu Theater | Seattle, Washington

virtual self coordinate 12

49.280502, -123.120581 – Commodore Ballroom | Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

virtual self coordinate 13

38.919936, -76.972441 – Echostage | Washington D.C.