Watch Arlo Parks Showcase Her Brilliant Voice For NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts

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The newest talent to premiere in the wonderful NPR Tiny Desk Home Concert is Arlo Parks, a talented singer and songwriter from South London.

Accompanied only by some soft strumming, Parks lets her impeccable voice project. She chose a selection of intimate songs to play, showcasing her songwriting ability.  Arlo reflects between songs, sharing bits of her songwriting process and the meanings each song takes on for her. This was a really impressive collection of beautifully written songs and stories, you can really feel the special connection Arlo has with each song she writes. As always, Tiny Desk finds only the best and lets the artists take us into their musical worlds for a little while. It’s only 16 minutes long, but Arlo takes listeners to a wonderful place with her lovely singing voice. 

Check out Arlo Parks Tiny Desk Concert below. Enjoy!

Arlo Parks – Tiny Desk (Home) Concert