Watch Daniel Tosh In His Hilarious Shot-For-Shot Parody of Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” Music Video

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Selena Gomez successfully penetrated the music world with her most recent single “Good For You” that had a surprising featured verse from A$AP Rocky. The song has been remixed in a variety of ways from artists like Kasbo, Nebbra and more, but today we get the most surprising rendition yet.

Tosh.0 host and comedian Daniel Tosh has decided to do the unexpected and create a shot for shot rendition of the official music video. 

From wearing the silky flower dress or a white t-shirt with no pants on, Daniel Tosh goes all in.

Although A$AP Rocky didn’t manage to make Daniel’s cut of the video, he did bring a very special guest to sit in.. Carrot Top. Watch the hilarious video and leave your comments below. Enjoy!