Watch EPROM & Alix Perez Play a Mind-Melting Bass Set in an Underground Train Station

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If you’re a bass music fan in any capacity, you’ll know the name SHADES. The duo consisting of low-end leaders, EPROM and Alix Perez, has been rattling bones and inspiring bass face since its inception in 2014 and has been behind some of the most mental tracks in the experimental scene to date. If you’re lucky, you may have experienced this cataclysmic energy live. If not, we now have you covered.

Define Everything Future (DEF) events recently played host to an explosive, other-worldly set by the SHADES duo at an abandoned underground Atlanta train station (a fitting venue for a bass show, if you ask us). Not only did they host this stellar live event, but they’ve now shared the set in full online for all of our listening and viewing pleasure. The performance was packed with unreleased tracks from SHADES’ upcoming LP, From A Vein, coming out this Friday.

Stream performance below and check back on Friday for the release of the new SHADES LP, From A Vein. Enjoy!