Watch Diplo Remake One of His Songs Using His Tesla

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You read that title right, Diplo recently took to instagram to promote his new song “New Love,” with Mark Ronson and Ellie Goulding by remaking its framework in his Tesla. Because what can’t Diplo do? And the bigger question, what can’t Tesla’s do?

Now obviously the first thing on everyone’s mind is a resounding, HOW? Well, starting in late 2019, a digital audio workstation (DAW) program called TRAX was made available to Tesla owners in a vehicle software update. Diplo used this program and it’s newly expanded capabilities, and while TRAX is certainly much more limited than industry-standard DAWs like Ableton, it obviously has enough for a pro like Diplo to recreate a skeleton of his most recent song.

Add in car DAW to the long list of features including choreography, a sketch pad, and countless easter eggs thrown into the mix with each Tesla. Peep Diplo’s creation below. Enjoy!


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