Watch Flume Preview Upcoming Live Show with New Video


Flume has given us a taste of what his upcoming live show will sound like! Over the weekend, he shared a video on social media with the caption “Live show 1.0,” which shows him tinkering with a synthesizer/drum machine combination. This appears to be the main machine he’ll be using during his upcoming Palaces World Tour. You can check out the dates for the first leg of the tour here.

Those that have been longtime fans of the beloved producer know that he switches things up for each tour. For a while, Flume used his iconic Infinity Prism. Then that changed to a more elaborate version for his performances around Skin. For his next project, Hi, This Is Flume, he got experimental—incorporating elements of performance art to his show. Now, it looks like we’ll be getting something entirely new.

This new machine that Flume is using looks to be very versatile. We’re excited to see what he can actually do with it on stage.

You can check out the video of Flume previewing his new live show below. Enjoy!