Watch Fred again.. Preview Dark, Heavy New Collab with Skrillex

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Fred again.. is the latest producer that Skrillex has teamed up with. The sharply rising UK talent and the EDM superstar have been spotted working together as early as September 2021, but it’s just recently that we’ve been able to hear what this collaboration actually sounds like.

During a back-to-back set with India Jordan (with who Fred recently released a track), Fred finally unleashed the tune for the first time. Driven by a gnarly UKG-inspired bass line and a vocal sample, this Skrillex collab now officially can be classified as a massive weapon. There’s only a short clip of it captured on Fred’s Instagram story, but the crowd reaction tells you all you need to know.

In an Instagram post about the set, while Fred was praising India Jordan’s DJing talents, he confirmed that the track with Skrillex was indeed “coming soooooon.”

You can check out the clip from Fred again.. and India Jordan’s set below.