Watch Idris Elba Throw Down An Epic Feel-Good House Set In Amsterdam


There are still quite a few folks out there that are unaware of Idris Elba‘s DJing talents. Of course the man is a brilliant actor, and he dabbles in his own singing/vocal work on some tracks—but the man can also play a proper set.

When it comes to DJing, Idris Elba specializes in feel-good tech house, which is also what he curates on his own label, 7Wallace (yep, it’s a Wire reference). Idris put those skills on display recently when he performed for Defected’s event The Kick Off, which celebrated the return of the Champion’s League.

The setting is from a super cool observatory at the top of a building in Amsterdam, that boasts some incredible sunset views. He’s also playing on a remarkable stage. Whoever put this all together deserves some serious props!

Check out the full DJ set from Idris Elba below and enjoy!