Watch Jonah Hill & Future Rap “Jumpman” on Saturday Night Live

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Future had a bright year in 2015 in which he had huge success dropping a collaborative mixtape with Drake in addition to four other projects, and already has a full length release in 2016. Now he was just the featured musical guest on the most recent Saturday Night Live episode.

The episode was hosted by Jonah Hill, who introduced Future and said he would be playing “Jumpman” alongside Drake. Well Drake wasn’t there so Jonah hilarious insisted he should step in to rap Drake’s parts, and knew every word as the two made an unlikely duo. It’s great to see this funny side of Future on TV as he joked with Jonah telling him to not sing any of the N-words “…not even when you’re alone." He also went on to perform “Lowlife” alongside The Weeknd, which you can also watch below. Enjoy!

Future – Jumpman Ft. Jonah Hill Live SNL

Future – Low Life ft. The Weeknd Live SNL