Watch Masego Blow Minds In Impressive New Tiny Desk Concert

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If there’s a way really showcase an artist’s raw talents as a performer, it’s with a Tiny Desk Concert. The NPR series has seen too many of our favorite artists to even begin naming them. The Iconic series has now enlisted the talents of the almost too talented Masego.

The singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist is similar to FKJ with his widespread abilities and even shares a collaboration with him titled “Tadow.” However, Masego incorporates a full band to back him up opposed to looping various instruments. Masego’s smooth vocals sound as incredible live as they do on studio recordings, and his charisma is there to match his other talents.

You’ll definitely want to check out the full performance including renditions of “Tadow,” “Nacho,” “Queen Tings,” “Black Love,” and “I Do Everything.” Enjoy!

Masego – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert