Watch Shaq Sink a Free Throw On Stage While Performing as DJ DIESEL

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Shaq may have been infamous for his free throw skills (or lack thereof) during his basketball career, but that didn’t stop him last week from making a very impressive shot.

During a recent performance as his dubstep alias, DJ DIESEL, someone in the crowd held up a basketball hoop totem and then threw him a ball while he was on stage. Shaq went to pick up the ball, lined up the shot, and sunk it—nothing but net.

The entire crowd proceeded to go absolutely crazy, and even the person operating the CO2 cannons fired them off after he made it. Shaq then threw both of his arms up in the air, got on the mic, and yelled: “Holy shit! I made that!”

Just an all-around fun and hilarious moment—which seem to happen quite often at DJ DIESEL shows.

You can check out the clip below. Enjoy!