Watch Thundercat Perform “Dragonball Durag” with Jon Batiste on ‘Colbert’

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In case you forgot, Thundercat just dropped a reminder that he’s one of the most talented artists of today. Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Thundercat performed one of his classic songs “Dragonball Durag“.

Thundercat is front and center singing in his gorgeous falsetto while absolutely shredding on his 6-string bass guitar. It’s easy to admire Thundercat’s musicianship when listening to his songs, but watching it live reminds us of just how hard it is to play such a complex bassline all while singing flawlessly. He makes it look effortless though.

The cherry on top of this performance is a stellar bass solo from Thundercat, as well as resident Colbert pianist Jon Batiste. Seeing the two musicians feed off each other’s energy is thrilling, the resulting synergy elevating the performance even more.

But don’t just take our word for it, watch “Dragonball Durag” below. Enjoy!

Thundercat – Dragonball Durag (live with Jon Baptiste)