Wave Point Continues to Impress with Soulful House Banger “In The Moment”


Ever since his departure from Michigan house duo Golf Clap, Bryan Jones has been making waves in the American house scene. His new solo project, Wave Point, has delivered a string of top-shelf, feel-good bangers, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Most recently, Wave Point dropped off “In The Moment,” and it’s another one we’re excited to share with you today.

So far, all of Wave Point’s singles have included uplifting melodic grooves, soulful Detroit-inspired rhythms, and punchy kick drums that just beckon you to move. Each one has frankly been irresistibly smooth, with pristine mixing that makes it sounds like it’s beaming out of your speakers. “In The Moment” is no different.

Despite just launching the Wave Point project this year, he’s already got an album on the way, titled Higher Dimensions. It’s out this summer, August 13, on his own label, Even Smoother.

You can stream Wave Point’s “In The Moment” below. Enjoy!

Wave Point – In The Moment