Wave Racer Returns From Year-Long Hiatus With Colorful Single “Higher”

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Sydney-based electronic producer Wave Racer stepped back onto the scene today with his first release in a year, the bright and energetic single “Higher.

Wave Racer went to London to collaborate with producer Danny L Harle, and picked up right where he left off with his signature shiny electro-pop sound. It’s a lighthearted track with tons of interesting sounds sprinkled throughout. Much like his some of his other tracks, this one sounds like it could have been plucked from a colorful video game.

Here’s what Wave Racer had to say about this comeback track:

For me, the song functions not only as an ode to the notion of ascension, but it’s also a kind of trophy symbolising my overcoming creative roadblocks – it set in motion a whole series of creative changes in my life.

“Higher” is out now via Astral People Recordings, check it out in the stream below.

Wave Racer – Higher