Wave Racer Returns With Incredible, Playful New Single “This N That” Ft. Lunchmoney Lewis

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It’s been a pleasure watching the truly triumphant return of Wave Racer in 2019. Having spent the better part of the last few years on hiatus, today the multi-talented producer has shared his third single of the year, teaming up with Lunchmoney Lewis on “This N That”.

“On the production side, there was a vital combination of determination, frustration and emotion that went into finishing this song, with more revisions, re-writes, do-overs and second-guessing than any song I’ve done before, which I think can be heard in some of the abrasive and distorted tones that intertwine the vocals.” – Wave Racer

Although the Australian-phenom may have been quiet for a while now, he’s surely made up for his absence with his last few beautiful, boisterous singles. With this latest offering characterized by shrill, distorted synths, delicate pizzicato strings, crunchy bass and crisp, skittering verses from Lunchmoney Lewis, it’s clear that Wave Racer is not only back, but confidently diving head-on into this incredible new evolution of his sound – and we absolutely love it. Check out “This N That” below and enjoy!

Wave Racer – This N That ft. Lunchmoney Lewis