What So Not Ushers In A New Era with “The Change”

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What So Not has always been ahead of the curve. Genres are constantly evolving, as is What So Not’s sound along with them. Today, the forward-thinking Aussie drops his first original single since 2019, “The Change,” featuring the acclaimed band DMA’S.

Perhaps the most obvious difference in What So Not’s approach is the new breakbeat drum rhythm. While many of us are used to WSN leaning into the trap and future bass sound, “The Change” taps into an old-school energy. The UK garage inspired bassline really sinks its teeth into you too. It’s so clean and filthy at the same time, and just oozes out of the speakers.

The cherry on top here is the amazing synergy with DMA’S who turn this ravey track into an all-accessible heater that’s fit for any setting.

Get a listen to What So Not’s new sound below. Enjoy!

What So Not – The Change (feat. DMA’S)