Whethan Flips Charli XCX’s “Claws” Into A Filthy Masterpiece

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Charli XCX has always been a standout artist for us here at TSIS. Unleashing her how i’m feeling now album in quarantine certainly caught our ears as well as many others. Today, one of our favorite producers Whethan offers up his take on “Claws” from Charli’s latest album, a trap revision we just can’t get enough of.

Whethan masterfully speeds up Charli’s vocals, effectively making them higher-pitched and giving the track a new and contagious energy. The first 45 seconds of the remix give the track a kawaii feel from the very start. Whethan loops Charli’s “I like I like I like I like everything about you” before giving way to a hard-as-nails drop. Booming bass in contrast with high-pitched synths and Charli’s spun vocals work harmoniously to create this irresistible remix.

Check out Whethan’s take on “Claws” below and enjoy!

Charli XCX – Claws (Whethan Remix)