Whethan Drops One Of His Best Songs To Date, “Hurting On Purpose,” With K.Flay

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It can’t be long now until the drop of Whethan‘s highly-anticipated debut album, Fantasy. Today we’ve just received another immaculate single from the rising superstar, who’s carefully and tastefully mixing elements of indie, pop, and electronic music into his style.

This newest one is called “Hurting On Purpose,” and it might be our favorite track ever released from Whethan, which features the beloved K.Flay on vocals. This one hooks right into you with its infectious guitar melodies and songwriting. Whethan then switches things up on us, dropping this into a heavy, distorted bassy drop that will have your jaw on the floor.

According to Whethan, this tune has been years in the making:

It all started when K.Flay sent me a song three years ago and I really loved the message. I spent the next couple years working on it and perfecting the beat. The song refers to indulging in things like ‘drinking, driving fast, etc.’. Really just indulging in self-damaging behaviors. But ultimately realizing that you are in control of these things that are hurting you and you like it.”

If these recent releases from Whethan don’t have you fired up for his long-awaited debut album, you’re trippin’.

Check out “Hurting On Purpose” below and enjoy!

Whethan – Hurting On Purpose (feat. K.Flay)