Whethan Joins Rising Singer / Songwriter Kailee Morgue On Impressive New Single “Do You Feel This Way”


Whethan is someone we always get excited to hear new music from, and with his latest teaming up with one of our favorite singers / songwriters Kailee Morgue on "Do You Feel This Way", it's just the combo we wanted. Kailee Morgue has been impressing us ever since her debut single "Medusa" and we had the pleasure of premiering her latest collaboration with Bearson last month on "Go To Sleep" as she keeps the new music coming. 

“This is one of my favorite songs I've made because it is off axis just enough to blur my perspective between haunting and inviting. Teaming up with Whethan brought the perfect blend of hazy lethargy and upbeat skepticism to the track. It captures the unease of that feeling of not knowing how someone truly feels about you, and it still always makes me want to move when I hear it—it's so fun to perform.” - Kailee Morgue   

This one is released as Kailee's song with a production credit from Whethan. The 19-year-old has an incredible voice and the songwriting talents to back it up as she puts these impressive abilities on full display. Whethan always hits the mark on his production and blends gritty, alternative sound design with bright melodies making for an interesting instrumental laying the foundation for the vocals to shine. Enjoy!

Kailee Morgue – Do You Feel This Way (Ft. Whethan)