Whethan Recruits Legendary Grime Artist Flowdan For “STEALTH BOMBER”

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At this point, if we see Flowdan as the featured vocalist on a track, we know we’re about to hear something filthy. Whethan is the latest producer to tap the iconic grime artist, and the result is the explosive “STEALTH BOMBER.”

After experimenting with house on his last release, Whethan is solidly back in his trap bag on “STEALTH BOMBER.” Featuring Indian vocal samples and effects and a grimy trap beat, the production provides the perfect backdrop for Flowdan. The lyrics form around the phrase “launch the attack,” and this song certainly unleashes chaos, in the best way.

“STEALH BOMBER” is the latest part of Whethan’s upcoming album rollout. Based on the previous singles, Life of a Wallflower Vol. 2 is shaping up to be his best work yet. Until then, make sure to check out his new singe with Flowdan below. Enjoy!

Whethan – STEALTH BOMBER (Ft. Flowdan)