Who Is Tripp St.? This Anonymous Artist’s Debut Mix Has Everyone Stumped

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There’s a new mysterious artist on the block named Tripp St., and they’ve come out of the gates harder than any new act we’ve seen in recent memory.

While some anonymous artists may rely on gimmicky branding to launch their projects, Tripp St. is focused on the music. They recently uploaded a mix to SoundCloud titled Welcome To Tripp St., the only thing they’ve officially put out. The mix alone has the bass community buzzing.

What better way to introduce yourself than to drop nearly an hour’s worth of unreleased originals? Tripp St. has come strapped with what appears to be a full lineup of deep, heavy, glitchy, spine tingling bangers laced with cheeky hip-hop samples. What has us most excited about this artist is the range in sound design within their undisclosed catalog. It’s all next level, but each track hits distinctly different than the last.

The production on these tracks is SO good that we’re pretty convinced that this is an alias of an already established artist. Anyone who’s this good of a producer should already be on the map. Unless they’ve just been saving everything they’ve got for this project? Folks are already drawing comparisons to the likes of Tipper, Pretty Lights, and other all-time bass acts.

Check out the Welcome To Tripp St. mix below. Do you have any idea who this could be?

Tripp St. – Welcome To Tripp St.