Xavier Omär Showcases His Sonic Dexterity On Awe-Inspiring Album ‘if You Feel’

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Xavier Omär is a shining example of putting talent to work. With a continuously growing and evolving catalog of music that perfectly reflects just how powerful an artist the Texas native truly is, his latest release, an album titled if You Feel, has only served to solidify him as a force to be reckoned with.

It seems that everything Xavier Omär drops is pure gold – and this latest project is definitely no exception. Featuring 11 stupendously solid tracks spanning from jazzy minimalist beats to retro R&B vibes, if You Feel not only showcases XO’s fantastic versatility, but his ability to apply his unique voice to an endless array of sonic situations while maintaining his signature flair.

Complete with features from Jae Stephens, Quinn Barlow, Mereba and the ridiculously talented Masego, to say this album was a triumph would be an understatement. Take a listen to if You Feel below and enjoy!

Xavier Omär – if You Feel