PREMIERE | YehMe2 Unleashes Booming New Genre-Blending Track “Keys To The Jeep”

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For years now YehMe2 has continued to blow us away with his constant stream of mainstage weapons. With an eclectic arsenal of bangers, bops and ballads already under his belt, today the heavyweight bass-bringer has taken things in a interesting new direction with “Keys To The Jeep” (ft. Rome Fortune).

Upon first listen to this latest offering, it’s apparent YehMe2 has a serious club destroyer on his hands. Starting off with an unmistakably groovy 4/4 kick + hat combo, Rome Fortune’s vocals quickly float in, driving the track throughout booming house breaks and explosive trap drops -making for one hell of a hybrid heater.

Although for the moment we won’t be able to experience this one on a bangin’ sound system anytime soon, get ready to start a party in your living room after you hit play on “Keys To The Jeep”. Stream it below and enjoy!

YehMe2 – Keys To The Jeep (ft. Rome Fortune)