YOOKiE Finally Release Epic Flip of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”

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Bass duo YOOKiE has been holding on to this tune for a minute—over a year, in fact. With fans constantly badgering them to release it, YOOKiE finally dropped their massive flip of the legendary metal band Black Sabbath‘s “Iron Man.”

Almost everyone has heard the original song in some format, but wait til you hear what YOOKiE did with it. With a lethal injection of bass, the duo transformed this song from a classic hit to an absolute weapon. The iconic bass line stays the same, but with the updated production, it now is certified to pump on a big sound system. There’s a second drop too, which switches over to an unexpected house groove.

You can listen to YOOKiE’s edit of “Iron Man” below. It also comes alongside a music video showcasing the pair’s hilarious sense of humor as they do doughnuts in a beater car in poorly done Iron Man suits. Enjoy!

Black Sabbath – Iron Man (YOOKiE Edit)