Excision’s Subsidia Label Makes Massive Inaugural Release With YOOKiE’s ‘FiSSiON’ EP

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How much heat can you pack into one post? A whole hell of a lot apparently. Excision’s stand alone label, Subsidia is making massive moves with its first ever EP release. In true Excision fashion, the label is coming in guns blazing, launching New York duo YOOKiE’s FiSSiON EP as the first ever artist project released on the label.

This EP was created with one purposeto decimate everything within ten mile radius. YOOKiE has become a repeat offender here at TSIS, and this latest is six tracks of unfettered bass driven chaos that demands an extended prison sentence. Each of these tracks individually have enough power to tear down the Great Wall of China, put them all together and you get a project capable of unimaginable dubstep destruction.

They say if you’re gonna jump in, it’s best to make a splash. Well Exicision and YOOKiE just blew up the whole pool and the town it was in. Batten down the hatches, grab a helmet, buckle up, and hang on tight. Subsidia means business. Stream YOOKiE’s colossal new FiSSiON EP below. Enjoy!