Watch Zaytoven Crush His Tiny Desk Concert Performance After Future Bails

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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are always putting on one-of-a-kind live performances. Not many producers and artists get to put their talents on display in such a setting.

The most recent episode was supposed to feature Future and Zaytoven along with a live band, but Future was a no-show. After waiting hours, Zaytoven took matters into his own hand and performed without Future. Although it may have been disappointing for those who were expecting future, Zaytoven and his live band played out some live trap instrumentals, and the result was mesmerizing.

Without Future’s lyrics, the instrumentals actually sounded amazingly soulful. We would have loved to see how Future sounded live, but the impromptu instrumental performance was more than enough to suffice. The way they all jammed together is seriously impressive.

Check out the full video below and enjoy!

Zaytoven: Tiny Desk Concert