Watch ZHU & Tchami Throw Down A Rare b2b Set On Holy Ship 13.0

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Electronic music fans know that Holy Ship is home to some of the most wild sets and parties in the entire scene. There aren’t many other places where some of your favorite artists are all stuck on a boat together for 3-4 days with no where to go. This often sets the stage for some b2b sets that you normally wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Thanks to Youtube user Wake aN Blake (who has some amazing live videos), we were able to capture one of those rare b2b sets in its entirety. Two massive names in house music, ZHU and Tchami, joined forces during a daytime party on the pool deck to treat shippers to an epic house dream team set. Notice how both of their selections differ from what they would play on an actual mainstage.

Check out the full ZHU b2b Tchami set from Holy Ship below and enjoy!

ZHU b2b Tchami @ Holy Ship 13.0