ZHU To Release 100 Vinyl Copies Of His Legendary Debut ‘Nightday.’ EP


ZHU has just unveiled some plans for a special vinyl release one of the best works of his career. The Nightday. EP, released back in 2014, was the project that truly got everything started for the at-the-time anonymous artist. The six-track debut includes some timeless tunes such as “Superfriends,” “Paradise Awaits,” and of course, “Faded.”

Tonight, ZHU will be releasing 100 vinyl presses of the Nightday. EP in celebration of 4/20 (peep the smokey cover art). Any audiophile ZHU fans may want to snag this EP to add to their collection. With only 100 copies, this will end up being a pretty rare piece of tangible music.

They’re set to drop at 9:00pm PST tonight on his site. Follow this link here to be on top of that.