ZHU Delivers A Sinister Techno Remix Of Mathame’s “Never Give Up”

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ZHU has set himself apart as a master of carnal house and tehcno cuts. From the dark and ominous, to the lustful and sensuous, ZHU has got you covered. Today, the Grammy-nominated artist is serving up a sinister techno remix of Mathame’s emotive banger, “Never Give Up,” just in time for the weekend.

Mathame originally channeled an epic melodic house vibe, using a piano led orchestra and chirping synths to cultivate a sense of longing. Once ZHU gets his hands on a track though, you know he’s about to flip it into something else. Utilizing a chorus of suppressed rounded chords before diving head first into some of the deepest buzzing bass synths, he breaths an undeniable melodic techno energy into this already passionate track.

This migration toward techno is something we’re normally only treated to when ZHU dives into a Blacklizt set—his melodic techno leaning stage persona. This year though, we’ve seen more and more of this energy peek through in the LA-based producer’s day to day music and we’re loving the fresh new direction.

Any day with new ZHU is a day to celebrate, so bust out something strong and get ready to start feelin’ 50 shades of yourself. Stream ZHU’s hot new remix of Mathame’s “Never Give Up” below. Enjoy!

Mathame – Never Give Up (ZHU Remix)